Moving On Into the Big Unknown

 I find myself sitting here thinking how weird it is that I don’t have to run off to a class today or write a paper or make sure I’ve done all my reading for the day. Finishing school is a wonderfully liberating and odd feeling at the same time. Now I find time to go to the gym, meet up with friends for lunch and read a book for fun. And of course, throw in resume building and job hunting into the mix. I am eager to see what the future awaits for me and where the next chapter of my life will take me. Upward and onward.

Beautifully Still

I was able to capture this image several weeks ago in Brian Head Canyon, UT.  Isn’t it incredible how completely still this hummingbird is?  You rarely ever see one stop.  Amazing what you can photograph in this world, makes me realize what a beautiful earth we live on.


Target Fall 2012 Preview

As the years go by, I have become more and more impressed with the brands and designers partnering with Target.  Not only are these lines great for the girl on a budget but they are on spot with season trends and super cute to boot.

Take a look at what they have to offer this fall:


I’ve never really been into animal prints, I feel like you have to have a certain personality to wear them but they’re kind of growing on me.

I’m very excited what else Target has to offer in the future!

A Step Back In Time

Right now I am studying the History of Photography in school and I simply love it!  Going through all those who have gone before to bring us amazing work is inspiring.  

So today, I would like to highlight Alfred Stieglitz.  As a photographer, Stieglitz was fearless with his portraiture.  He was direct and unashamed to show the true side of his subjects.





Pure unaltered beauty.


My Journey as a Writer

I’ve always thought that my twin sister was a better writer than me.  She would constantly be creating fantastical stories on paper.  So I thought maybe she was the one who was blessed with the passion of writing words.  But entering college, I realized that such an idea didn’t have to be the case.  I started to enjoy writing when I had English 2020 at Salt Lake Community College .  I realized that just because my twin sister had the ability to write, I didn’t have to hide my own talents.  I was able to begin to form my own persona through our time apart at different schools.

After a year at Salt Lake Community College, I enrolled at the University of Utah.  I took writing for new media, where I learned the importance of grammar and writing for spaces of new media such as websites, blogs, etc.  Currently I am taking a news writing class learning AP styles, how to use clean language skills and how to write for the public through newspaper formats.  I plan on continuing writing and taking courses that will increase my knowledge of the written word.